For the last year and a half, I have been working at Illinois Central College.  The first six months there, I worked as a desktop technician.  I applied for an open network technician position and have been working in that position for a year now.  It has been a great place to work.

My wife graduated with honors from nursing school in December and now works on an OB floor at local hospital.

What we’ve learned is to struggle through and you will achieve good, if not great, things.  It takes hard work and perseverance.

Outside of work, I have been writing some fiction and a couple of screenplays.  I am nearing a release of a few short stories.  They will be sold individually and as a collection in different ebook formats.  More stories will follow, perhaps even a novel or two.  In addition, I will be pitching a couple of screenplays.  My hope is the earnings will help me pay for college.  I want to return to college to earn an elementary school teaching certificate, so I can teach junior high mathematics and computers.

As for this blog, I will resume posting articles on Linux and software when family and time permits.  Life is full of awakenings on paths we choose as well as on paths we do not choose.  Recent paths continue to lead me away from technology, computers, software and operating systems.  And this is the journey with my family that I am enjoying most.


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