Linux switch

I have used Ubuntu Linux for years.  I enjoy using Ubuntu, but the problem I have had lately is that my hardware has aged.  My desktop runs on an AMD Duron CPU.  My laptop runs on an Intel Atom CPU.  My next desktop will likely run with an Intel Atom.  I do not have a need to be cutting edge.  I simply have a need to be able to work from my computer… writing, surfing, emailing.  Nothing more.

Ubuntu worked well for years, but I am tired of it not working after a fresh install or breaking after an upgrade.  On the desktop, it is usually due to my NVidia video card.  I do not have the time or patience to track down fixes.

Debian, on the other hand, works.  I may spend time upfront configuring a few things, but I find it works and updates/upgrades smoothly.

So I contemplate switching from Ubuntu to Debian…  Am I alone in this consideration?



  1. I started with Linux (#! Crunchbang, minimal Ubuntu + Openbox) a week ago and as I write this I install Debian on my old Laptop (1.6 GHz, 512 MB RAM). I don´t need all the fancy of GNOME. Thus, minimal install + Openbox or even LXDE. You might consider that, too, because it is indeed much “lighter”. I think if You don´t need (b)leeding edge, Debian is perfect. Good performance and stable.

  2. I’ve been running linux desktops and laptops for about 6 years now. I’ve run with Debian, Ubuntu, opensuse, fedora, mandrake (mandriva), and a few other distros including the live puppy linux and knoppix.
    Honestly, for a slow computer, the easiest way to revive it is to use any distro that supports fluxbox desktop. Fluxbox is a desktop environment that runs so slim it’s practically invisible. I was able to run xubuntu with flux on a 464 mhz processor, 7gb hard drive, 128mb of ram computer wonderfully. Put some new life into the thing (it was my backup for writing when my desktop crashed; a real life saver).
    What screenwriting programs do you use? Celtx?

    1. Linux is great for reviving old computers. Heck my SOYO SY-KT600 Dragon Plus v2.0 motherboard, AMD Sempron 2500, and NVidia GeForce4 MX 440 video card are getting a little long in the tooth. Noticed my video card is capable of 1920×1080, so I replaced my dimming Samsung SyncMaster CRT monitor with a Viewsonic widescreen LED display just this week. It’s awesome. Ubuntu 10.04 runs well on this setup.

      For screenwriting I use Celtx. I have played with OpenOffice as a screenwriter using the screenwriting template that can be downloaded for it and tried Lyx with the Hollywood template. They work, but Celtx gives the advantage of centralizing character development, script writing, development notes, planning, etc.

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