Script Frenzy-ing Life

I just signed up for Script Frenzy 2009.  If you want, track my progress in April.

It will be a challenge to fit the needs of work and its daily 2.5-hour commute (damn job), family (blessed part of my life), and running (training for an October marathon)  in with the time needs of writing 100 pages of comedy.  As I type this my day-away-from-one-year-old son squirms upon my lap, my 2-year-old daughter hovers behind me, my day-away-from-four-year-old son pops in from time to time to ask plaguing questions, and my 12-year-old daughter surfs indifferently on her mother’s computer… and I fixed supper for the family (my wife is working a double shift at a local nursing home).

Why add more activity to my day when it is full already?  Because I must.  I am tired of IT.  That’s information technology.  Not it.  I have put aside writing for too long.  Almost 15 years of telling myself that I will write when this or that happens.  Well, it isn’t going to happen unless I make it happen.  Writers write.

Fifteen years ago, I had a short story nominated by an editor for an Illinois Arts Council Award.  He told me he almost nominated it for a Pushcart Prize.  I had completed a novel-length manuscript  and numerous short stories fifteen years ago… and I stopped submitting my work for publication.  I went fifteen years looking for what life could give me and lost fifteen years of seeing what I could give to life.

What the hell am I attempting to say?  If you consider yourself a writer, write.  If you are a web developer, break the browser and then go back and fix the page that broke it.  If you work IT, be an IT worker.  If you are a student, study.  If you are a teacher, strive to teach your students and not just earn a paycheck.  If you are an artist, push yourself and your art to its limits.  If you are a parent, be that guiding force, that upstanding example for your children to emulate as they grow into themselves.  If you are a musician and/or singer, make everything you produce an exploration of music’s soul.  If you are a politician, be a damn statesman or stateswoman and use your own mind instead of your party’s hive mentality.

In short, everyone, simply be professional.  Use your given talents to develop other talents in yourself and in others.  Don’t rest.

You only get one revolution in this frenzied life.  Happily make the most of it.


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