A Changing Life

I have not posted in awhile, very little since I began working at Growmark, Inc. in October.  Part of it was settling into a new job — working my knowledge and skills into the job and adapting to the long commute.  Part of it was the struggle to remain in our home.  A struggle, we lost in March.  Part of it is really being burned out on computers and technology… basically my career path.  Part of it was the arrival of our son, Lennon.  A healthy boy, born on his older brother’s birthday.

Within this mix of changes, I turned 40.  And when any one of the birthdays after 30 places you into the beginning of another decade of life, you cannot help reflecting on the life you have lived and compare it with the life you had hoped to live.  You also cannot help asking yourself questions that you may not have honestly asked yourself in years — heck, decades.

The questions can probe anything.  They may lead to new insights, goals, and directions.  They may affirm the life you have been enjoying.  They may reveal every major lapse of judgment you have made in your life.  You may find answers.  You may find more questions.


The important thing is you come away from the questions with the answers, goals, and plans that will take you into the life you want to lead.  Allow the answers to form your perspective on your life.  Set your goals and plan the steps that will lead toward achieving them.  And let the rest of your days be your renewal.

And as for me…  I am focused on returning to running after several years of being sedentary.  I am focused on writing fiction and screenplays, as well as writing on my blog.  I am focused on my relationships with my wife and children.  I am focused on making more money for my family’s needs.

Mid-life is the old age of youth, and the youth of old age.” — a proverb


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  1. Hi – I stumbled across your blog when looking at GTD stuff but this last post left me reeling. I hope all is going well with you and your family – Lennon looks like a heartbreaker and with a name like that no doubt he will be!

    I don’t know your circumstances but remember there are always options – sometimes farther afield then you may at first consider. I left the UK a few years back for somewhere with different values (and costs associated with those false values) and I haven’t looked back. Perhaps heading somewhere else where you could halve your cost of living would free up time for you to do your ‘proper’ job and write? Just a thought I guess!

    Anyway all the best and I hope all comes good for you as I’m sure it will!

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