Changing Jobs

My wife and I are changing jobs.

My wife, who is having some rough morning sickness and even spent a couple of days in the hospital with severe dehydration and the flu, has had to resign from her third shift CNA job. She was told that the nursing home she was working at would hire her back after the baby arrives. Her resignation is a relief to me in that I was concerned that the lifting of patients that she was doing would result in some complications in the pregnancy. So Sandra is back to semi-normal hours at home raising the family. She is looking into obtaining a nursing degree. After the baby arrives this spring, she will be returning to school next fall.

A few hours later on the very same day Sandra resigned, I was offered a hardware support position with Growmark in Bloomington. I accepted and will start September 24th. Now I have to get my 1990 Ford Ranger’s clutch fixed, a new muffler installed, and a couple of side mirrors to replace the junk factory ones.

Today I am sick though and “enjoying” all life has to throw at me.


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