Lesser Known Applications for Linux — Upcoming Articles

I will be completing a couple installments for the series on “Lesser Known Applications for Linux” within the next week. Family issues have prevented me from devoting time to completing the articles.

Foremost was my wife, who is about six-weeks pregnant and has had a rough stretch of morning sickness, was slammed by a virus. She spent two days in the hospital dealing with severe dehydration. She recently started working third shift and is struggling to get quality sleep during the day. We have a two-year-old boy and a soon to be one-year-old girl creating a cacophony while she tries to rest. My wife’s world is upside-down at the moment.

To a degree, my world is upside-down as well. Perhaps my world is merely on its side. But things seem to be finally acquiring some order and I should have both installments posted within a week’s time.


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