Unexpectedly Expecting


My wife and I, despite attempts to prevent it, are unexpectedly expecting another child. Eleven months ago, our daughter, Maryen, was born. Her older brother, Emerson, was born just less than 18 months before that. So in approximately eight more months, we should have the latest addition join Emerson, Maryen, and their 10-year-old sister, Bobbie. Far from the idyllic growing family, we face uncertainty.

My wife and I realize we need a bigger house. With my wife working third shift, we need a large enough house to keep the noise level down for her to sleep restively during the day. We need a large enough house to allow our children more comfortable sleeping arrangements, instead of being crammed into a couple of small bedrooms. More space for an organized office would be nice, instead of working out of an enclosed porch that swelters in the summer and freezes in the winter, literally. But housing for us, with the tightening of credit and my present unemployment is hard to come by.

We are considering purchasing a large double-wide that has more convenience and living space in it than the two-story home we presently live in. The minuses are no basement and a small yard. The house we presently live in has no real basement. It is basically a two-room cellar that is accessed through a trap door in the floor of the back porch. The no basement issue is moot… except for peace of mind during tornado season. The small yard problem has its pluses and minuses as well. Mowing is a plus. Kids needing space to play is a minus.

Presently the double-wide we are looking at is in a mobile and modular home community just outside of town. There is a feeling of being out in the country there, as fields circle the community. It was built in 1998 and has several conveniences, such as a roomy kitchen full of appliances — even a dishwasher. The master bedroom has its own bathroom, complete with a whirlpool tub. Conveniences we can only wish for in our present home.

Sandra and I are thinking, if we get it, eventually moving it to a patch of land in the country, placing it on a basement foundation, dropping some stairs through the floor, and doubling our living space both inside and outside.

Now if only the stork would drop off a bag of cash along with our baby…



  1. Congratulations, Richard. I wish you and Sandra the best, and hope this won’t create too much additional strain (and future arguments), though I understand the financial pressures you are under only too well… Just keep hustling to find work. What you’re learning about FOSS will be useful to both your employment and your kids, whether you work in IT or not. I’ve almost always been the de facto tech guy in any job I’ve worked, and co-workers always appreciate someone that can bail them out of computer trouble on short notice.

  2. HEY!! Even though I don’t know you guys — that’s GREAT NEWS! Congratulations and kindest regards from Germany, xxxAndrexxx

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