The Failure of Political Parties

We have seen our voter districts redrawn for the gain of one party over another. We have read of the caging of voters to manipulate eligible voter lists. We have seen the abuse of executive orders and executive privileges. We have seen big business and special interests buy influence and peddle greed at that expense of the people. We have seen consumerism sold as capitalism. We have seen ourselves taught to fear, when we were once told: “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” We have seen fear grant the government the liberty to limit and take away our liberties. We have seen ourselves lied to, manipulated, dumbed down, distracted, ignored, overlooked, made insignificant, and sold out. And the worst thing, we have allowed this to be done to ourselves.

It would take a generation or two of statesmen to right these wrongs. To me a statesman is a person who is willing to transcend the platform of his or her affiliated political party and vote with a conscience. To me a statesman is a person who does not sell his or her vote to lobbyists representing big business and special interests. A statesman ignores influence, yet seeks to influence others with reason and truth. A statesman remains open to the truth even if it changes his or her beliefs. A statesman remains true to reason. A statesman does not seek to gain, but strives to lead.

Voters also need to act as statesmen. Use reason, instead of surrendering it to fear. Remain open to truth. Search out lies. Vote with a conscience. Never sell out. Never not vote. Never seek division. A voter should learn the issues the country faces and the array of solutions available to address the issues. A voter should endeavor to lead.

It would take a generation or two of voters to right the wrongs that have been allowed to occur to our Constitutional rights and the laws of this country. It is the responsibility of the voters to protect the ideals of this country. The time to do so is now.


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