The Embarrassment That Is the Bush Administration

Embarrassments. That is what the present U.S. administration is. I am tired of the lies, the shielding, the subversive executive orders, the crooked executive privilege, the smug crimes, and the arrogance of “you cannot touch us.” As voters and as Americans, we can touch you. We can also drive you from office. And we will.

The arrogance that the administration will only talk to members of Congress as Dick Cheney said on CNN’s Larry King Live: “… but not under oath, not in public, no transcript, to discuss these issues.” Discuss? Discuss?! Disgust! There is nothing to discuss. There are only questions to be answered. And answered under oath in public. Answered and recorded. No “I do not recall.” No “I cannot recall.” Answer the questions. And the members of Congress should continue asking the officials under oath the question(s) until they answer them. No dodging the question. No switching topics. No ambiguities. Just the truth and the whole truth. If they are in contempt of Congress, then lock them up. Arrest them. Detain them. Perhaps as terrorists even. But lock them up, if they are in contempt. Lock them up if they ignore any subpoenas. We could not get away with it. What puts them above the law? Nothing. They answer to the same laws that we do.

Enough with the partisan theater, it is time Congress stands up for the nation and itself and removes the Bush-Cheney administration from office. It will hurt America’s image in the world. It will be a black eye for the nation. BUT The Bush-Cheney administration is already a black eye. It has already hurt America’s standing in the world. We cannot let this continue to happen. We cannot ignore it. We have to stop it. And stop it now.

Below is contact information for every member of Congress. I urge you to contact every member of Congress — Democrat, Republican, Independent, whatever — telling them to impeach Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. The house of cards will begin falling after that. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney will follow. And this talk that there is not enough time left in their terms for this to happen is a load of bull. The Patriot Act was enacted quickly. The impeachment of Gonzales, Bush, and Cheney can be done quickly, too. Congress should also go after anyone in who has been behind the subversion of the law and the Constitution, such as Karl Rove. It is time to clean house and set this country oust Attorney General Gonzales from his position and send him to trial, as well as Karl Rove and everyone else in this administration who has been behind the subversion of the law and Constitution. It is time to clean house.

Call, email, or mail. They all work. Just stand up and do one of them… or all of them. With Congress heading into recess, your Congressman or Congresswoman will be home. Find out the main office of your member of Congress and contact them there. I strongly urge you to hand deliver your letter to your elected officials. Bring your family with you. Let them see the people they represent.

110th Congress Contact Information

For contact information for the members of Congress, follow the links below.

The U.S. House of Representatives

The U.S. Senate

State Legislatures

You may even wish to contact members of your state legislature to urge them to call for impeachment proceedings. The Vermont sent did with calling for Congress to begin impeachment proceedings for Bush and Cheney. With Congress avoiding any aggressive impeachment actions, call upon your state legislature to begin exerting pressure on Congress. Follow the link below to locate the contact information for your state legislature.

State Legislature Contact Information

A Letter You May Use for Email or Mail
The letter…

I, your name, urge you to impeach George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

I, along with millions of voters, want the Constitution and laws of this nation protected and enforced. I want honesty and honor restored to the office of President, Vice-President, and Attorney General. I want transparency returned to government, as well as additional measures taken to ensure that the subversion of the Constitution and the laws of this nation cannot happen again.

Enough with the partisan theater. It is time to take action and to do what is right for this country, its laws, and its Constitution.


Your name and address.

You May Also Wish to Include…

This lethargic Democratic-lead Congress, more concerned with ensuring absolute defeat for the Republicans in the next elections, needs to realize that the voters do not only have two choices on election day. If you want also include with the letter, the text of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Gettysburg Address. If the members of Congress were to read these documents anew, then perhaps they will find the strength and honesty to begin and follow through with impeachment proceedings swiftly and honestly.


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